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What’s in a name? (Why

Flip the script, flip a sample, do a kickflip, do a backflip. It means to do things differently, switch it up, try a new angle, create new value.

Audio production is an art and a science… and the more comfortable you are with the science, the more the creativity can flow. I see the world differently, and creativity is just one way I see the world being turned upside down and being all the better for it.

This is, a brand of Algonquin Digital, and your trusted source for creative and effective audio production. 

Meet the founder

Born and raised in Ontario, Canada, Josh has spent more than a decade helping organizations with their audio needs, four years studying music and audio as a university student in beautiful Virginia, USA, and has extensive experience in the audio and musical fields. Josh is a multi-instrumentalist, singer and songwriter, and overall someone who is passionate about creative and effective communication. In addition to his ear-pleasing pursuits, he has worked as a copy editor for clients around the world and has a flair for words and communication. 

A note from Josh

I would be honoured to work with you on your next audio project. My goal is to help you reach your audience as effectively as possible. That means there should be no technical distractions, and your message or your art should be front-and-center in the best way possible. Whether your next big thing is a song, an album, a podcast, a broadcast, or a live event, I’m here to make it the best it can be.

Josh Ankenmann